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Laugh Your Nuts Off With Staasia Daniels’ Peanut Butter

One of Staasia Daniels‘ most popular songs – Peanut Butter – and arguably one of the most representative of her quirky food-loving sensual self, has finally received a much-requested video treatment. Directed and krafted by Ashley Iris Gill (@craftedbyaig), we are thrilled with not just a music video, but a whole mini-sitcom to make up for the long wait. Treat yourself to some raw chicken, crunchy nuts, and The Real Taste of Jamaica and make sure to spread the love after by sharing it with all your friends who eat.

Starring Olivia (@__w33zy__), Hasani (@_imsmokinloudly), and tall glass of peanut butter Marconi Luis Neto (@mr.luisneto).