Music Releases Staasia Daniels Xpress aka DJXP

Staasia Daniels releases “Whatever Happens Happens” (EP) into the universe

The Universe gives, and the Universe takes.
It’s alive and breathing, much like us; with us, a symbiosis of energy and intention.
What we put out we can expect a return, but what it may be, should not be our concern.
Staasia Daniels – scribe of sentiments in musical form – liberates a pulsating 6-track project
into the cosmos, an all self-crafted EP (from writing, recording, to mixing, with help from Xpress aka DJXP in mastering)
containing her strength and vulnerabilities, desires and capabilities…
“I’m just tired of overthinking… overthinking ruins the flow of things,” she introduces
as she presents her offering into the Universe and concedes:

Whatever Happens, Happens.

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