Music Releases Staasia Daniels Xpress aka DJXP

“Unheard Volumes” from Staasia Daniels are now heard

Between what isn’t said, what can’t be said, and what we don’t know how to say… Staasia Daniels says it all. Her Unheard Volumes speaks to us in the instinctual and often-difficult language of emotions that she seems to effortless converse in; caressing and stimulating our hearts through valleys of vulnerability up unto the peaks of heat in lust and love – and all that is in between. Staasia’s bare-all honesty is raw and refreshing, summing up many of our true feelings without the false pretenses that we often put up: for others, and for ourselves. Just pure feels and energy, straight from your ears to your heart – delivered only Staasia Daniels can.

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