EverythingOShauN Music Releases Xpress aka DJXP

A “Sweet” Single from EverythingOShauN & Xpress aka DJXP

Every now and then, our favorite duo likes to surprise us with something strange (but oh-so-good). Remember that folk-trap situation on Load MGMT? Well today we have an amalgamation of funky, retro, and tropical, all delivered with the fun wordplay we’ve come to expect but receivedly, unexpected.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what genre this is, but that’s what makes it so trailblazing. Is it the modern-day wave of Afro-beat-infused hip-hop? Is it a groovy 90s R&B track? Is it tropical house? It’s best to just listen to it, because the best things are often unboxed.

Stream/purchase on all other platforms here:

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