EverythingOShauN Music Releases Xpress aka DJXP

EverythingOShauN & Xpress aka DJXP go Afro-beat on “Odinma”

In the midst of May 2020 – the heat of a pandemic – EverythingOShauN and Xpress aka DJXP gifted to us a song of tropical-fusion: Sweet, which was well received by thousands praying for better times. The sad were uplifted, the bored were alleviated, and the dancers appreciated it.

Now, it seems like Sweet was merely a transition into even brighter times: a sunny, all-out Afro-beat offering entitled “Odinma“. The Igbo word itself is a positive approximation of “I’m good”, which is surely a mantra we can all use. In fact, we will use, because the good feels are ever-infectious on this one. The half-Nigerian and wholly-creative brothers are pleasantly surprising us with every evolution, and – Maybe It’s Nothing, Maybe It’s Everything – we will find out.

Stream, download, purchase, etc. Odinma on other platforms (iTunes, Google Play, etc.) here:

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