Music Releases Staasia Daniels Xpress aka DJXP

“Unheard Volumes” from Staasia Daniels are now heard

Between what isn’t said, what can’t be said, and what we don’t know how to say… Staasia Daniels says it all. Her Unheard Volumes speaks to us in the instinctual and often-difficult language of emotions that she seems to effortless converse in; caressing and stimulating our hearts through valleys of vulnerability up unto the peaks of heat in lust and love – and all that is in between. Staasia’s bare-all honesty is raw and refreshing, summing up many of our true feelings without the false pretenses that we often put up: for others, and for ourselves. Just pure feels and energy, straight from your ears to your heart – delivered only Staasia Daniels can.

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Music Releases Staasia Daniels Xpress aka DJXP

Staasia Daniels’ Fall Back Game is Strong

Staasia Daniels is falling back somewhere this fall, but clearly not in the music department. The bass-heavy bop of a ballad produced by Xpress aka DJXP and SLWJMZ marks the beginning of a new era: Unheard Volumes, an upcoming collection of vulnerable tales of love and other situationships that can only be told by Staasia Daniels, with her magical capacity to express what we often repress in our Neptunian depths.

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Music Releases Staasia Daniels Xpress aka DJXP

Staasia Daniels releases “Whatever Happens Happens” (EP) into the universe

The Universe gives, and the Universe takes.
It’s alive and breathing, much like us; with us, a symbiosis of energy and intention.
What we put out we can expect a return, but what it may be, should not be our concern.
Staasia Daniels – scribe of sentiments in musical form – liberates a pulsating 6-track project
into the cosmos, an all self-crafted EP (from writing, recording, to mixing, with help from Xpress aka DJXP in mastering)
containing her strength and vulnerabilities, desires and capabilities…
“I’m just tired of overthinking… overthinking ruins the flow of things,” she introduces
as she presents her offering into the Universe and concedes:

Whatever Happens, Happens.

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Releases Staasia Daniels Videos

Laugh Your Nuts Off With Staasia Daniels’ Peanut Butter

One of Staasia Daniels‘ most popular songs – Peanut Butter – and arguably one of the most representative of her quirky food-loving sensual self, has finally received a much-requested video treatment. Directed and krafted by Ashley Iris Gill (@craftedbyaig), we are thrilled with not just a music video, but a whole mini-sitcom to make up for the long wait. Treat yourself to some raw chicken, crunchy nuts, and The Real Taste of Jamaica and make sure to spread the love after by sharing it with all your friends who eat.

Starring Olivia (@__w33zy__), Hasani (@_imsmokinloudly), and tall glass of peanut butter Marconi Luis Neto (@mr.luisneto).

Music Releases Staasia Daniels Xpress aka DJXP

Staasia Daniels is riding with you “Everywhere”

Seems like the off-and-on mystery man that Light Switch singer Staasia Daniels keeps singing about has finally gotten his cosas together. On this sweet, sweet lullaby, she wants him Everywhere she goes, and where she’s going is a dreamy place of caressing love and affection. If you’re not in love already, this is going to make you want to jump-start your recruitment for cuffing season after defibrillating your tender heartstrings back to life. Press play if you’re ready for auditory rose petals and share it with your boo(s). All of them.

Produced by our very own, Xpress aka DJXP, of course.

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Releases Staasia Daniels Videos

Staasia Daniels leaves a visual [for] Voicemail

Our very own Staasia Daniels is empowering women (and men) everywhere – from tennis courts to convenience stores – to leave voicemails and their toxic relationships for a brighter future. Join the new Voicemail program by watching this quick video to start looking good, feeling good, and be all about you you you you! Plus, if you subscribe and follow Staasia Daniels on YouTube and Spotify within the next 5 minutes you will get a free dead weight so you can practice letting it hit the floor at home! Just kidding – but do like, comment, and subscribe for more future content.

Music Releases Staasia Daniels Xpress aka DJXP

“Light Switch” from Staasia Daniels and Xpress aka DJXP now out!


Staasia Daniels puts in work over an industrial dancehall rhythm headed by Xpress aka DJXP. Negotiations are off and on like a Light Switch regarding a contract of love, while pertinent inquiries remain unanswered (“Why is sex easier to get, but real love is so hard to find?“). The deal may not fall through, but one thing’s for sure: This avant-garde audio art-piece is worthy of your time investment.



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Staasia Daniels

Staasia Daniels shares “Light Switch” snippet in Snapchat lens

Staasia Daniels drops a surprise for the fans with a custom Snapchat lens, featuring a snippet of her forthcoming song Light Switch.

Check it out by scanning the code below or clicking on if you’re on mobile (it may be better to save the code by saving the image or screenshotting it as the lens disappears after 24 hours; you can rescan it again that way).




Music Releases Staasia Daniels Xpress aka DJXP

Staasia Daniels: Handle It

Staasia Daniels breathes to life a tale of two cities, two hearts, and the surprising strength found in dealing with betrayal: the tyrant could never handle his own cruelty, despite being the courier of such heartbreak. Her power comes from her pain, audible through her simple but raw lamentations of ungarnished lyrics, displaying an incredible range of emotions.

The jazzy post-modern ballad was helmed by Xpress aka DJXP, and follows the release of Staasia’s EP Mood Roulette. Could this be tied to the “part 2” that she mentioned in the closing track The End?

Music Releases Staasia Daniels

Staasia Daniel’s Mood Roulette EP is now out


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There are many steps to having a healthy relationship with our ears in order to maintain its well-being,
and with Staasia Daniels’ Mood Roulette EP, you’re guaranteed an eargasm with healthy side effects to the heart and soul.


From heated lust to what she thought was love, came the birth of heartbreak, anger and self vs. self thereafter;
there’s bound to be a song to fit your mood… whatever, whenever.
The wheel of feels includes production from Xpress aka DJXP, 5PiECE, SLWJMZ, MXS Beats, Chaz, and Trappie Chan,
so whether you’re in, or falling out of love, or just can’t seem to figure life out,
you’re invited to take a spin and see where it lands.

Be sure to add Mood Roulette to your faves and stream/purchase it on all major platforms,
including Spotify, iTunes, Google, and Tidal.

*batteries sold separately*