Staasia Daniels

Staasia Daniels is a singer/songwriter/performer/entertainer/turtle-lover from the talented city of Toronto.

Music (and food) has always been a passion of hers; it just does this magical thing where it
brings her out of her shell and allows her to express her struggles, experiences, and quirky yet lovable personality.

She began her journey with highly-recognized YouTube covers that soon turned into a realization of her calling, so she decided to pursue it seriously and attended college for an Independent Music Study program.

Here she honed not only her singing, but writing, recording, mixing, and much more. It was also here that she met another multi-talented artist by the name of Xpress aka DJXP, who is now her GSX label-mate and frequent producer.

From there, she released tracks that garnered attention, nominations, and recognition
worldwide, leading her to perform and showcase in various places over North America (including Texas for SXSW and Atlanta for A3C Fest).

Staasia Daniels has shared stages with people like Lil Simz, Mario, Lyfe Jennings, and has
graced major venues like Toronto’s Mod Club and The Drake Hotel for cardinal festivals like
Canadian Music Week and Manifesto, as well as her own headlining shows.

Following the successful release of her debut EP Hidden Gems, she’s landed in various publications including NOW Magazine and Complex CA, which named her as one of the year’s “Artists You Need To Know”.






Instagram: @sleeplessintoronto_

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A lot of 20-something you see who aren’t living at home with their parents weren’t necessarily financially or emotionally ready to leave the “nest”- a lot of us had to get away from our parents because it was no longer healthy for us to live with them.

I strongly dislike when I see people say “she’s so pretty, why is she depressed?” Like.. huh!?
Wtf is wrong with this generation!?

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